Affiliation of an Existing Sexual Medicine Society to SASSM

The following are minimum requirement to be an Affiliate to SASSM.

  • The society should be a registered body as per government of India Rules and Regulations.
  • It should be in existence for at least 2 years prior to the date of application for membership.
  • It should have a minimum membership of 50 members and members should consist of individuals with prescribed qualifications as per ISSM by laws.
  • It should have conducted at least one election and a list of office bearers should be provided.

On submission of a letter of request for affiliation with above documents (photo copies by e-mail or courier / surface post) – Affiliation to SASSM will be considered.

Affiliation Benefits of an Existing Sexual Medicine Society to SASSM

  • On Invitation, SASSM will participate in your society’s programs.
  • SASSM will help in program designing, as needed.
  • SASSM will aid in identification of experts, as needed.
  • SASSM will provide literature material, as needed.
  • SASSM website – will acknowledge your society as an affiliate society and will provide link to your website and will get the benefits of SASSM website developments.
  • SASSM future programs will acknowledge the Affiliation and also include mailer correspondence to your members.
  • We will periodically send mailers of ISSM and SASSM activities to your membership.
  • An Invitation will be sent to nominate one member of your society to the steering committee of SASSM subject to a minimum of 25 members from your association being registered as SASSM + ISSM members – the nomination will be subject to ISSM / SASSM policies / guidelines.
  • The steering committee nomination recommendation mentioned above should be on the official letterhead and signed by the president and secretary of the society.

Benefits of this Membership to Your Society Members

  • ISSM flag ship 'Sexual medicine' print copy
  • Additional journals which is to be started shortly by ISSM
    • Sexual medicine reviews
    • Sexual medicine online
  • ISSM website -Website access to only members area
  • Can access ISSM book
  • Participate in discussions and see on-going discussions
  • Membership database access
  • Weekly ISSM update mailers
  • Discounted registration to ISSM meetings and SASSM meetings

Responsibilities of Steering Committee Members

  • To provide direction to SASSM & participate in activities of SASSM
  • Lay down clear policy guidelines
  • Develop Sexual Medicine in SASSM represented countries and make it multidisciplinary
  • Participate actively in website development and newsletter of SASSM by contributions
  • Solicit membership to SASSM
  • Solicit sponsorship from likeminded companies who are interested in Sexual Medicine

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