ISSM and SASSM Benefits


As member of the International Society for Sexual Medicine you will

  • have access to a network of 2000+ International Sexual Medicine Specialists;
  • receive a free subscription to the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM, I.F. 3.15, 12 issues a year); Your subscription now includes The Journal of Sexual Medicine for iPad® app!
  • receive a free subscription to Sexual Medicine Reviews (SMR);
  • receive benefits for the Sexual Medicine Open Access Journal;
  • have discounted fees for the ISSM Biennial World Meetings and all other ISSM meetings/symposia;
  • have access to the members only section of the ISSM website;
  • have access to the ISSM Discussion Forum (former ISSM list) for discussing vexing cases and problems;
  • have access to the ISSM committees;
  • receive the weekly ISSM update;
  • receive a discount (50%) to have your own personal professional medical website;
  • be eligible to vote at the ISSM Business Meeting.


As member of the South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine

  • Scientific Discussion forum thru smartphone messenger (WhatsApp)
  • Members only section for interesting articles in Website
  • Case discussion forum in website
  • Case discussion forum in website
  • Slides and video library in Website
  • Subsidized fee for SASSM Conferences

The members of ISSM share their interest in human sexual medicine and science. If you are a professional with interest in the field of human sexuality, please join our society for a multidisciplinary approach to practice, education and research in sexual medicine.