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SASSM is a society that represents the following countries India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kazhakhistan, Kyrgyztan, Tajikistan, Turmenistan and Uzbekistan for encouraging work on sexual medicine and reproductive health.


Encourage the highest standards of practice, education and research in the field of human sexuality and Andrology. To develop scientific methods for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions affecting human sexual – reproductive function. To promote the publication of medical and scientific literature in the field of sexual – reproductive function.

if you would like to enrol as SASSM + ISSM member the details form is attached, this will entitle you discounted registration for the world meeting as well as membership benefits of SASSM and ISSM, which is detailed.

Latest News and Announcement

We can offer a bulk discount of 50% on the early bird registration for SASSM + ISSM members to attend the

20th World Meeting on Sexual Medicine

September 22-25, 2016 - Beijing, China

This discount can only be availed if you remit the money to SASSM account with your details.

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